1.Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
            2.Mystery of the U.F.O
            3.Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones
            4.Mystery of the Television Dog
            5.Mystery of the Gold Coins
            6.Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
            7.Mystery of the Circus Clown
            8.Mystery of the Monster Movie
            9.Mystery of the Carnival Prize
            10.Mystery of the Monkey House
            11.Mystery of the Stolen Corn Popper
            12.Mystery of Flight 54
            13.Mystery of the Haunted House
            14.Chocolate Fudge Mystery
            15.Triceratops Pops Mystery
            16.Ghostly Mystery
            17.Scary Snake Mystery
            18.Catnapping Mystery
            19.Barking Treasure Mystery
            20.Birthday Mystery
            21.School Play Mystery
            22.First Day of School Mystery
            23.Tennis Trophy Mystery

Cam Jansen books #24, #25, and #26 have covers illustrated by the talented Joy Allen. Interior art is by Susanna Natti. Joy Allen is continuing the Cam Jansen series by David Adler...look for #27 to infinity by David Adler and Joy Allen! For links to both of their sites, go to: and (David Adler) and (Joy Allen).